Set against the background of the Apartheid regime, 'Challenged' is a two-part novel, packed with incredible personalities caught up in the dark days of the pending civil war. It is a fictional romantic and adventurous story, entwined with a non - fictional historical background. It is hard therefore, to separate facts from fiction, since many of the heroes and villains did in fact play a major part in telling this gripping story.

Davey Brenner, the main player, is a rugged, robust clandestine operator, who carves his niche through a maze of plots, schemes, betrayals, conspiracies and assassinations in his quest for justice. Along the way, he is swept away in romance and intimacy, and falls prey to countless liaisons with multiple beauties who play a major role in this drama.

The story lends to a heavy sexual content that spares no room for explicit terminology. By the same token, there is a constant touch of softness, compassion, and innocence that neutralizes much of the bombastic language and violent action that permeates the story. Countless players merit a story and a book of their own, since they constantly command attention to their powerful personalities and frailties, and at times, are successful in stealing the limelight from the main heroes of the novel.

The story is much like a movie, captivating the audience from a sensitive intimate encounter, to a massive showdown, and on to a planned attack and ambush. There is no lack of excitement, and the players never run out of sexual or adrenalin fuel. Once you commence reading, it is very likely that you will end up cheering on the heroes while damning the villains.

PS- The line of thoughts, critique, and political theories expressed in this novel lend to the mid 1960's and might very well clash with modern times. However, since I, the author, personally resided and lived in South Africa during that time, many issues which we claim today to be far-fetched, absurd and ridiculous, turned out to be truthful.


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