The Knife Duel - Canary Island chapter

An argument breaks out suddenly between Allan and the proprietor. From their angry voices I deduce that the two want to fight to settle their differences.

"A duel between daggers!" The Spaniard insists, unaware that he is messing with an expert with daggers.

Allan sneers at him, shrugging him off as a novice in deadly duels which further infuriates the man.

BOOM! Zapatido pulls out a thick bladed dagger and slams it in to the counter.

Allan reaching for his boot and - slam! His razor sharp blade is alongside the other.

Both parties look at the menacing knives, their sharp blades glistening and beckoning for blood. To the chorus of 'oohs and 'ahs, the bartender reveals the contents of the chamois cloth on the table. A dazzling green emerald emerges. The stone is stunning and sparkles like a diamond. It faintly whispers the heavy toll to be paid by the loser.

Someone is bound to have his wrist slashed but neither party gives a damn. The two opponents lock hands. Bang! It's been maybe two minutes, two hours or eternity but neither party budges.

Allan's arm resembles an iron vice, indestructible and immobile. Slowly, it starts to edge and bend the Spaniard's arm. Zapatido is hissing and panting. He realizes that he is in a no win situation.

Addressing him in his native language, Allan whispers -"Nobody in the world beats me in arm wrestling between knives! You got that?"

He finally screams, as he slams his opponent's arm, cutting his wrist on the exposed blade. Snap! As if nothing had ever happened, both arms are withdrawn.

The Spaniard wraps his blood stained wrist in a handkerchief and departs to the rear. The spectators are still in shock over what they have still witnessed. They retreat to the rear with their heads lowered, fearful of making eye contact with this intimidating giant. I had to pinch myself to believe what had just transpired.


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