Passion- Marguerite

With my hand resting on her thigh and hers resting on top of mine, I was practically tongue - tied.

The warm feeling of her flesh through the thin material was too much to bear.

She paused to take a sip from her wine glass and inched closer. Her perfume was intoxicating.

She sensed that she had me trapped and whispered, "Would you care to rub my shoulders?"

Without waiting for a response she slipped off the straps of her dress and pulled the front down slightly. I needed no invitation. I commenced touching, grabbing, and kneading her firm muscles.

She was purring like a cat and dared me to reach down further. At one point her mouth parted as she gently guided my hands to rest on her breasts.

I must have set her on fire. She turned around, allowing me to take her in my arms and kiss her passionately.

I locked her arms behind her and proceeded to kiss her neck, moving my tongue down between those gorgeous mounds. Her breathing accelerated and she was totally flushed.

She was gasping… "yes, Liebchen, yes."

Like lightning, her hand reached down to grab me below. I was bursting with desire and just about to take her, when there was a sudden knock on the door.


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