Goonard - The Bridge

I swear that it's Mephisto's voice that I hear chuckling.

"The next plunge is it. I'm sending you mortals down to the depths of the sea for your final ride." Goonard shouts, swears and challenges the invisible devil, but this dark knight hits the ship with punishing waves from all angles.

Clyde, the first mate starts crying from fear. I'm semi - paralyzed, but Goonard is incredible. I'm acting like a coward while he remains solid as steel, unflinching, fearless and determined. He awakens me from my trance.

"Grab the compass quickly and tie it and yourself to the central column. I have a feeling that this not over yet."

Just as he finishes talking there is this sudden jolt. It feels as if a very high electrical voltage has hit the ship and the ship is going into a dive. The trap door underneath has been finally sprung. I dare not look up as I hug the compass and press my head against it. I anticipate a head on collision.

By the time we hit bottom we are already rising. Something is wrong…. very wrong. As the ship is rising, the sea wall in front of us is supposed to descend, but it refuses. Instead, it starts to advance towards us. This can't be. It defies all rules of physics. As it comes closer, it seems to rush at us. There is no place to hide...

A deafening crash!


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