Many authors prefer in their Bios to describe what motivated them to write fiction. I am not a writer per say, but rather a storyteller. What I find vitally important, is to relive events of the past, and talk about it in the present tense. As a mariner on a perilous voyage from Scotland to South Africa, our ship was accosted by forty-foot waves that reduced men of steel to putty. In describing this horrific five-day storm nightmare, I attempt to show these heroes on a screen. The reader is given a chance to relive the moments of fear and desperation, and join the mariners as they try to cling to their mortality.

Since my characters are not fictitious, but rather real people, I want you to get to know them as I did. That is my style of writing. I have traveled extensively around the world and resided in many cities and countries. At first, I never thought of writing about it. It was thanks to my darling wife Sophia, that I finally sat down and decided to write about my life. Someone recently said that I had lived a life of ten mortals. Indeed it is almost true.

I have had many fascinating adventures that justify many books, but I decided to narrow it down to three major events that stand out in my memory. The first in my semi - autobiographies is about a perilous voyage on a coal burner from Scotland to South Africa. The modern days pirates and ex mercenaries who accompanied me on that hell trip were out of a modern day Captain Blood's diary. Their tragic life stories which I write about in my book "Stormy Emotions," justify separate books on their own. On this dangerous route around the west coast of Africa we encountered everything imaginable. Encounters, the likes of sharks, slave traders, brothels, duels to the death, cannibalism, haunted mansions, seductive women and an introduction to the supernatural. Equally, I found love and tenderness in the most remote parts of that dark Continent.

In South Africa, my birthplace, I got caught up with the fervor of the pending civil war with the apartheid regime. I lived a life of comfort and ease, and could have married into wealth and retired. Instead, I threw my lot in with the oppressed. In my second book - "Dark Clouds descending", I talk about my underground activities as a student, as well as describing the diverse ethnic make up of the opposing camps in this struggle. The players are colorful, resilient passionate and challenging.

After serving a six-month term in prison, I left to continue the struggle from abroad. In London, I got involved with a clandestine operation that was targeting several dictatorships in Europe and elsewhere. In "Deadly encounters," I talk about a period in my life as an undercover agent. Action, suspense, plots, counter espionage and drop dead beautiful women are all part of the scene.

Later on, I moved to the US where I resided in numerous cities and states. As a manager of several prestigious country and health clubs, I met hundreds of associates and friends whose life stories could fill an encyclopedia. Given the luxury of time and money, I could write endlessly.

Suffice for now that you enjoy reading Stormy Emotions and the sequels to follow.

It was great chatting with you.

Mike Ber