When it comes to author biographies, most choose to reveal what motivated them to write. I do not consider myself a professional author or writer; rather, I am a storyteller. What I find vitally important is to relive events of the past and talk about them in the present. I have experienced many fascinating adventures that would fill the pages of many books, but I decided to narrow those down to the two major happenings that stand out the most in my memory.

My first novel, Stormy Emotions, is an exploration of my adventures aboard a coal burner, on a perilous voyage from Scotland to South Africa. On this dangerous journey around the east coast of Africa, we encountered everything imaginable, including a five-day, horrendous storm that almost capsized the boat. We faced no shortage of challenges: sharks, slave traders, cannibals, voodoo practitioners, and the supernatural. During this odyssey, we witnessed and experienced bloodletting duels, haunted mansions, and intimate interludes with unforgettable, gorgeous, seductive women. The modern-day pirates and ex-mercenaries who accompanied me on that hellish trip could have been carved out of a blood-stained historical Captain Blood diary. Their hair-raising, tragic life stories would justify separate books of their own.

Challenged, my second novel, is set against the backdrop of the pending civil war in South Africa. The hero is a rugged, robust, handsome, and clandestine operator who carves his niche through a maze of plots and schemes, conspiracies, betrayals, and assassinations, all in his quest for justice. Along the away, he is swept away by romance, seduction, and intimacy, courtesy of a variety of beauties who play integral roles in the story. Countless fascinating personalities emerge and challenge one another to steal the limelight as the tale thrusts forward on all eight cylinders. Anyone looking for exciting, thrilling stories of love, passion, romance, and tenderness will find them intermingled here, and the book will tug at your heart.

Certainly, even the most scrutinizing and demanding readers will find enjoyment and intrigue in Stormy Emotions and Challenged. Come along with me as I welcome you today into some of the yesterdays I've experiencedů

Mike Ber


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