"A thrilling narrative of adventure on the high seas, with poignant episodes occuring at various ports of call. Mike Ber carries you on his stirring, often mysterious and compelling voyage from Scotland to South Africa. He is the ultimate story-teller, painting the diverse characters on his journey with immense clarity and depth of feeling, and ultimately showing how spiritual strength coupled with physical stamina helped him survive against all odds. A stunning tale that will sweep you forward with breathtaking excitement from cover to cover."

~ Lucie Arnon


"Mike Ber's new novel, Stormy Emotions,is a fast-paced, action-packed winner! The characters are solid and likable; the dialogue is gritty and real; and the author paints scenery so vivid that you can feel a cold sea mist upon your face. Filled with action and intrigue, Stormy Emotions is a page-turner that kept me up late into the early morning hours. I highly recommend it!"

~Steven Manchester
Author - The Unexpected Storm & Pressed Pennies


Stormy Emotions review, translated from German

"I was fortunate to receive a copy of Stormy Emotions from a business colleague at a conference in Munich. What caught my attention was the German commander on the book cover and I thought that I was about to read another WWII novel. Once I started reading, it was a wonderful relief to read about the adventures of a tough young Israeli in the company of rough mercenaries and ruffians. The author's style of writing does not waste time on trivial matters that are not directly related to the plot. Rather, it concentrates on a one to one dialogue, which is much more honest and true in reality. You feel the tension, and you feel the intimacy. Furthermore, you even shiver in the dark moments of the storm, as Mike takes you through terrifying moments of this horrific ordeal. I found the book so inviting and interesting, that I read it right through and without a pause."

"Ich begrusse! Sie sehr gut geschrieben."

~Rolf Gottingen - Norwegian Radio


I have read your book in one breath. This is more than a book, this is a 3D movie, one fully lives in and participates. Amazing adventures with unusual and courageous people. A breathtaking description of nature, its beauty, and of terrible natural disasters, which freeze ones blood. Beautiful men and women - a combination of physical and moral beauty. I fell in love with all unforgettable characters, as they appeal to my idea of friendship and love.

The book is very cognitive. Its stirs our imagination by stunning pictures of the horrible dark sides of life on our planet. I enjoyed the vibrant English language. The book is written very professionally; itís tough to believe that this is the first literary experience. Thank you for the pleasure the reading gave me. I hope that the next will follow.

~Margarita Tsepenyuk, Ph.D. in Printing technology


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