Stormy Emotions

The story "Stormy Emotions" is an exciting true episode in the life of Mike Ber. It is about an adventure onboard a tugboat on a perilous voyage from Scotland to South Africa.

The narration is stacked with details and descriptions of humongous modern day pirates on the high seas, each with a tragic life story of their own. The book talks of the formation of friendships, violent confrontations, and passionate romantic interludes with mesmerizing women. There are incidents with sharks, deadly duels, and an encounter with the supernatural that leaves the reader with more questions than answers.

The bulk of the story centers on a catastrophic five-day storm that tests the crew both physically and mentally. The author describes vividly the intensity of the storm and its effect on the crew as it worsens by the hour. As the ship is sinking, one feels the crew's vulnerability, and witnesses each individual as he copes with his own mortality. One chapter tells of Mike's intimate rendezvous with a gorgeous and sexy woman in Dakar, while another describes a visit to a mysterious mansion. Over a lavish dinner and erotic entertainment, Mike is to discover the host's Nazi past, and the surprise outcome to follow.

This semi autobiography is an eleven-week packed adventure that brings to life incredible personalities who are center to the story. It is an adventure filled with drama, love, suspense and action, passion and inviting compassion. The characters are in constant conflict, unable to detach themselves from their tragic past that pursues them, and wrestling with unpredictable future issues. The book also touches on faith and spirituality. Surviving such an ordeal at sea makes believers out of most of the crew, and brings out elements of kindness and unity from the worst of the lot.



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